Breakthrough Session: Website Review


Breakthrough Session: Website Review


When you’re launching a business, it’s imperative to have a functional and engaging website. Does it have to be fancy? No. Does it have to provide a clear understanding of who you are and what you’re offering to your clients and community? Absolutely.

You can utilize this session when you’re in the beginning stages of developing the copy and design elements for your site OR once your website is nearly ready to launch. Whether this is your first go at a website or your business is going through a rebrand, this session helps you ensure that everything on your website is perfect.

  • We’ll evaluate every page of your website and ensure the user experience is seamless.

  • We’ll identify the copy that speaks to your message and eliminate copy that’s ineffective or confusing.

  • We’ll make sure you feature photos aligned with your audience and target the right people. (You would be amazed at how many health coaches and yoga teachers have websites featuring stock photos of people in conference rooms wearing suits!)

  • You’ll leave our session with key strategies for targeting your audience, crafting or polishing your messaging, and introducing (or reintroducing) your business to the world.

Note: I am NOT a web designer or developer. I won't be the person to make the actual changes on your site, but I’ll provide feedback and suggestions that you can implement once our session is over.

"Working with Harper truly helped me gain a sense of direction in the very early stages of building my wellness coaching business. She helped me understand my voice as it relates to my brand and helped me understand my target market. Through that, we were able to work together to build out my website for Honing Wellness and find the best way to connect with new moms. Our bi-weekly sessions were essential in keeping me on task and holding me accountable. Highly recommend working with Harper!" —Shannon Arens

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