Business Consulting

What does being a business consultant mean to me? It means I am the glue.

In my entire professional career, I have never engaged anyone that made me feel as satisfied with their work as Harper. I marvel at all the things she did for me and never for a moment regretted one dollar I spent with her. She truly is a wonderful person and professional.
— Joseph DiNardo, Author

I’m a natural connector, organizational maven, and hands-on manager. Project management comes very naturally to me, and I learned much of what I know from several years of hands-on experience producing events. When I first began, I had no prior knowledge of event production, which meant that when I was handed a project, I figured out every step on my own. Along the way, I learned that I truly enjoy being the person in the middle who is responsible for pulling all the pieces together.

My mission is to help businesses create cohesion, bridge gaps, and take on challenges or projects that don't have a clear path forward or the right person to manage them.

I love being the person responsible for making all the moving parts work in unison and executing my client’s vision. That’s probably why colleagues have referred to me as a “manifestation fairy” or “business unicorn.”

If you’re feeling like your business has a missing link, but you have no idea how to describe the person who can fill that role, you might be looking for me.

Previous clients include:

  • A team of startup founders looking to align their vision and management styles

  • A debut author in search of someone to execute a book launch and speaking tour

  • A nonprofit that needed logistics managed and streamlined prior to a benefit event

  • A fitness retreat company seeking to collaborate with brands on a long-term project

  • An adult sleepaway camp looking to acquire sponsors to enhance the camp experience

Before I became a coach and consultant, I spent over a decade working for companies, brands, agencies, and startups, so I have extensive experience working across industries and assisting businesses large and small. My consulting clients include individuals and companies alike.

Consulting Services Include:

Project Management

Leadership Assessment

Relationship Management

Harper is incredibly diligent, reliable and on top of her game. She helped Soul Camp secure sponsors for our sleepaway camp always kept us informed, organized and excited! Highly recommend.
— Michelle Goldblum, Co-Founder, Soul Camp

Strategic Partnerships

Sponsorship Acquisition

Leads and Contact Management

I never fail to be blown away by Harper’s networking superpowers. It comes so naturally to her - it’s like she connects incredible humans and cooks up unforgettable experiences in her sleep.
— Casey Von Iderstein, Founder, Karmic Wellness