Defining Success: Jennifer Grove

Jennifer Grove is the Founder and CEO of Repeat Roses, an eco-responsible business that repurposes florals from events, delivers them to those in need and then reclaims the twice-enjoyed flowers for composting and recycling.

Jennifer started Repeat Roses in January 2014 after a career as an event planner spent witnessing the enormous amount of waste produced with each event. Determined to find a beneficial solution to greatly reduce the waste, Jennifer was inspired to start Repeat Roses.

Her mission to shift the paradigm in the event industry by reimagining the single-use floral arrangement concept to spread joy and ensure sustainability has taken root across the country. Repeat Roses' recent Upworthy video went viral and generated 7 million views in less than a week. Noteworthy media coverage includes NBC Nightly News, AOL., Pop Sugar, Martha Stewart Weddings, Hotels Mag and CBS New York.

How do you define success?

Articulating a personal vision and then choosing the path that takes you there.

How do you measure your own success?

Achieving inner peace knowing I’m participating 100% in my own life. Everyday I ask myself how I can live the most happy, fulfilling journey possible. For me, that means maintaining unwavering belief in my personal vision for in all areas: personal, family, community and professional. Everyday is an opportunity to discover and learn something new on the voyage. Often times it’s a challenging path, but when you live with a sense of gratitude and purpose you’re able to recognize small steps that lead to big milestones, calmly course-correct when necessary, and appreciate the full experience of the journey.

How does success feel?

Energizing, motivating, calming and contagious all at once.

When was the last time you felt successful? What happened?

Every Monday our team shares the week’s letters of appreciation received from around the country from non-profit hospitals, hospice care and cancer treatment facilities. Sometimes we receive letters from patients or their families who received a surprise delivery of flowers. Sometimes the letters are from people who saw our video online and simply wanted to thank us for what we do. Knowing our company’s service helped touch the lives of strangers is incredibly rewarding. The warm-heartedness creates a ripple effect -- changing the world for the better and being able to share those moments as a team is a big success in my book.

How do you celebrate your success?

With my team. I am grateful to have surrounded myself with amazing advisors, collaborative colleagues and the most dedicated employees.

What advice would you offer to someone who wants to be successful?

Understand what success truly means to you and have the courage to define it, fight for it and achieve it. You have the power to thoughtfully and deliberately create the path to your own happiness and success.

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