Love of My Life(Style): July, 2016

I like to get my hands on a collection of items: beauty and skincare products, apparel, home goods, reading materials, foods and more. Once I find items I love, I enjoy sharing them with you -- and hopefully getting you as hooked on them as I am. This month I decided to feature my current favorite natural and safe beauty products. 

All of the product titles are linked so you can purchase them too! 

I hope you enjoy them -- tweet me @harper_spero and let me know what your favorites are!


1. Beautycounter Touchup Skin Concealer Pen: The last time I went to my eye doctor she told me that she was loving Beautycounter products because they were quality products and safe. I saw amazing reviews about this concealer pen and decided to try it myself. Lets just say, it doesn't leave my bag -- I bring it with me everywhere for touchups. 

2.  limited edition tartelette tease clay palette: When I started exploring natural makeup, the first brand that I discovered was tarte and I love their BB Tinted Moisturizer that I featured last year. I recently purchased this palette because it was clear that (finally) there was a brand with a palette where I'd wear ALL of the colors. They're pretty and not too shimmery. 

3.  Tata Harper Volumizing Lip and Cheek Tint: I really got into this brand when my friend Emily did a great piece on Tata on  And let's be honest, I love anything that includes my name. This product is great -- I have a few different colors and they're great to pat on your cheeks or lips to add a little volume and color. These are ideal for people who like a really simple and clean makeup routine. 

4. Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Life of the Party: I have accumulated a lot of Insider Points at Sephora over the years. Last year, one of the gifts was a Bare Minerals package and this incredible lipgloss was in there. I have bought it so many times since because the color is gorgeous and pops and I love how smooth the texture is. 

5. Zuzu Luxe Eyeshadow in Ice Princess: When my friend Aly worked at Whole Foods Market she turned me onto a bunch of brands there. I started exploring their cosmetic and skincare section. When I saw this color I knew it was for me. I've been using eyeshadow as eyeliner for years now and this is the most gorgeous shade of blue. I have gotten in the habit of simply wearing the eyeliner without any other shadows. It really stands well on its own, atleast I think so.