My favorite podcasts of 2016 (thus far)

I never thought I'd see the day that I'd be saying this -- for the past few months I traded in my Spotify playlists for podcasts. I truly don't know what got me started yet once I was in, there was no going back. When I'm cooking or cleaning in my apartment, walking somewhere more than 10 minutes or on a plane or train -- I'm indulging in podcasts. There are so many different types of podcasts featuring different topics ranging from career to lifestyle to health to fashion to music and more! Since I've been talking about these podcasts and sharing excerpts of some of my favorites recently, I decided to share a list of my current favorites with you.

I hope you enjoy and learn something new. 


Good Life Project – I’ve been following Jonathan Fields’ work for several years now. He is a phenomenal interviewer with inquisitive and compelling questions. Sometimes, I’m more intrigued by his questions than the actual topic that his guests are talking about. What’s special about this show is that it's a combination of his own talks, one-off interviews and most recently roundtable discussions with two other guests for three consecutive weeks. He ends each interview with the question, “what does it mean to live a good life?” and he’s gotten some pretty incredible answers.

Some favorite episodes: Capabilities Speak Louder Than Qualifications, Elizabeth Gilbert: The Creative Life, Brene Brown: On Gratitude, Vulnerability and Courage, Amy Koppelman 

Listen on iTunes here. 

Gap to Great: I met Andrea Wien through the Dreamers // Doers community and we instantly connected. Andrea is the brain (and voice) behind Gap to Great, a podcast featuring people who jumped off the track of stability before landing at their current destination. She interviews incredible people from varying backgrounds, industries and belief systems yet all seem to have the common thread of loving the life they’ve built for themselves. Andrea asks questions that really get her guests thinking. I was honored to be a guest on episode 19 talking about conquering limiting beliefs and overwhelm in your career. 

Some favorite episodes: Lurlene McDaniel, Gary Bertwistle, Chris Guillebeau, Janne Robinson, Jill Ozovek

Listen on iTunes here. 

Untangle: I stumbled upon Gaiam's podcast, Untangle on Twitter and immediately listened to numerous episodes. Untangle is a podcast featuring teachers and students from different backgrounds and with different stories all tied to one thing -- meditation. The interviews are hosted by Emily Fletcher of Ziva Meditation or Patricia Karpas. Whether you're currently a meditator, intrigued by meditation or think you're too good for meditation -- this is the podcast for you. 

Some favorite episodes: Dan Harris, Julie Campilio, Cathi Peterson, Sharon Salzberg, Lodro Rinzler

Listen on iTunes here. 

Life Lately: When Clara Artschwager sent an email to her friends launching her podcast, our mutual friend, Alexandra Ostrow Beach sent it to me suggesting I'd like it. She was correct. Clara and her friend, Brooke Braun come together every Tuesday to talk about a different topic. Very female driven conversations about real life topics. It's a combination of humor, authenticity and inspiration. I was fortunate to be featured as their first ever guest on episode 14 where we discussed loneliness, how to maximize alone time and how to build or join a community you love.

Some favorite episodes: 5 Steps For Breaking Up With Your Phone, Taking Action Toward Something Big 

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Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin:

Here’s The Thing is a series of intimate and honest conversations hosted by Alec Baldwin.  Alec talks with celebrities and influencers to discuss what decisions changed their careers, and what relationships influenced their work. Some of the people he interviewed, I felt as though I knew a lot about -- and yet learned a ton about them from these interviews. Alec's humor and insightfulness is what keeps me constantly engaged. 

Some favorite episodes: Paul Simon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lorne Michaels, Billy Joel, Brian Williams, Molly Ringwald

Listen on iTunes here. 

Modern Love: You probably know Modern Love from The New York Times. Well, here's a great way to consume the content while hearing the writer or a celebrity read the story. They did a phenomenal job choosing the people who read the stories because the voices make such a difference. The storytelling is on point. They do a brief interview with the writer at the end to see where things stand with the story since it was written. Really, really enjoy listening to this each week.

Some favorite episodes: A Millennial's Guide to Kissing, Leaps of Faith, Magically Interrupted, The Plunge

Listen on iTunes here. 


Some other podcasts that I've enjoyed listening to but haven't dug as deep as the ones above (yet):

What podcasts are you loving? I'd love to check them out so comment below!