Love of My Life(Style): February, 2016

I like to get my hands on a collection of items: beauty and skincare products, apparel, home goods, reading materials, foods and more. Once I find items I love, I enjoy sharing them with you -- and hopefully getting you as hooked on them as I am.

This month my skin has been extremely dry -- more than ever before so I decided to feature my favorite skincare products. I am a big believer in changing your skincare seasonally -- our skin really does change depending on the weather. 

All of the product titles are linked so you can purchase them too! 

I hope you enjoy them -- tweet me @harper_spero and let me know what your favorites are!

LOMLS Feb 2016

1) Naturopathica Aloe Cleansing Gel: I have been a fan of Naturopathica products for years and had been using their Sweet Lupine Makeup Remover & Cleansing Cream for a while before getting a facial at their new spa in Chelsea where the esthetician suggested I use the Aloe Cleansing Gel. I love the consistency -- it's clarifying, easy to apply and massage into my skin and also moisturizing. I love the texture.  

2) Honey Girl Organics Face and Eye Creme: I discovered CAP Beauty a few months ago and have become a regular at this amazing West Village store. The products are beautiful -- all organic and natural and the staff are all well educated on the products. When I explained my sensitive and dry skin, the woman working immediately suggested I try this product. I can't get enough of it. It's an amazing combination of oil and cream -- not greasy at all. The littlest bit goes a long way. I put this on every single morning. 

3) S. W. Basics Toner:  When I returned to CAP Beauty looking to change up my nighttime regimen, the fabulous woman working there suggested I combine toner with oil. I had been scoping out the S.W. Basics products for a while because there are so few ingredients and it seemed quite fitting for my skin. I purchased a spray cap from The Container Store so I could spritz the toner onto my hand or face to combine it with oil. 

4) Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil: I had received a sample of this product by racking up points through Sephora's Beauty Insider membership. After finishing every last drop, I realized it was the perfect product to combine with the S.W. Basics Toner at night. The bottle is beautiful with a dropper that will distribute as little or as much product as needed. 

5) Naturopathica Lavender Blossom Bath and Body Oil: My skin is starting to crack in the winter because it's so cold -- I feel like an old lady! This lavender blossom bath and body oil is the perfect solution to put on my body as I get out of the shower to ensure I am soaked up in moisture for the rest of the day. Smells delicious too.  

6) The Mood Factory  Mood-Butters, Tranquility: I recently got my hands on a bunch of The Mood Factory's products and I'm loving them. The smells are very subtle which I really appreciate. The consistency of the mood butter lathers seamlessly on the skin to provide a perfect amount of moisture all over the body. 

Also, my favorite scrub was recently discontinued so if you have a face scrub you LOVE, please comment below with any recommendations.