Defining Success: Brittany Wright

Brittany Wright is a Seattle-based food photographer who sees food as an opportunity to do something creative, not just tasty. With a background in technology, she has combined her passions for both tech and food, into running the Instagram account @wrightkitchen.

Brittany's art focuses on food culture, as well as its aesthetic, and she showcases the beauty of locally produced foods. Brittany has been featured in numerous media outlets including: The Food Network, Buzzfeed, Business Insider, New York Magazine, and Forbes. Some of her client list includes: Samsung, Food & Wine, Sur La Table, American Express, and Target. Brittany’s favorite food produce often changes with the season but she’d be unlikely to complain if cherry season was year-round.

How do you define success?

My personal goal for success is to be at a point where I am able to not only take care of myself, but the ones around me whom mean the most. Being able to see this becoming a reality, all while doing something I’m so passionate about, is incredible.

How do you measure your own success?

I have been a firm believer in creating goals my entire life. Big, small, hourly, daily, 10 year-goals for everything. I see them as a to-do list in my mind, and it gives me something to work towards. Accomplishing and creating more items to work towards is how I measure success.

How does success feel?

It hits deep into the soul, in the best way.

When was the last time you felt successful? What happened?

I spent the past year thinking about and creating my first book, turning in the content last month was the biggest accomplishment I have felt in a while.

How do you celebrate your success?

One of the non-materialistic things I’ve been doing is to take a moment and breathe, then in my mind tell myself ‘great job’. Self-love is important but so easily forgotten.

What advice would you offer to someone who wants to be successful?

Find what makes you unique. We are so lucky to live in a world where we likely all have near countless amounts of inspiration around us. My advice is to take all of these things that inspire you, intertwine them with your goals, and then make something unique out of it that has yet to be done. Search online and throughout other references, try to find something that you can’t find.

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