Love of My Life(Style): July, 2015

I like to get my hands on an assortment of beauty and skincare products, apparel, home goods, reading material, foods and more. Once I find items I love, I enjoy sharing them with people.

This month's Love of my Life(Style): July Edition is focused on Summer Snacks. There have been so many snacks (and desserts!) I have discovered this summer and am absolutely loving so I wanted to share them with you. 

Here it goes:


1. Element Dark Chocolate Rice Cakes: WOW. My mom recently introduced me to these and they’re beyond delicious. You know after a meal when you just want a bite of dark chocolate but don’t need a whole dessert? This is the answer. These chocolate covered rice cakes get the job done. I recently decided instead of making standard s'mores (I’m meh on graham crackers), to roast marshmallows and plop them on the rice cakes. That was quite the upgrade

2. Chloe's Soft Serve Fruit: I am obsessed. Can I leave it at that? No, but really. When my friend, Laura took me here I had zero expectations and I left completely hooked. I now go to Chloe's several times a week for a medium dark chocolate chocolate and mango with coconut on top. It is not too sweet, it's light, delicious and my favorite dessert these days. I don't feel bad eating it, ever.  Continue reading for an amazing GIVEAWAY! 

3. Peeled Snacks Much-Ado-About Mango: I discovered these on Instagram and decided I needed to try them. I'm a huge fan of mango in general and loved that these had no additional sweetener or flavoring. They're chewy, delicious and the perfect afternoon snack. I look forward to trying the other flavors from the peeled collection. 

4. Juice Press Volcano Juice: If you know me, you know my addiction to ginger. I legit cannot get enough of it and like it in all forms. When I'm feeling under the weather, want to boost my immune system or just need a burst of energy -- this juice is the answer. It's intense to drink and I love the way it feels going through my body. 

5. Modern Oats Nuts & Seeds: I tend to go through phases of oatmeal. I know how healthy it is. I know that I enjoy it. I know there are tons of things you can add to it and make it more exciting but sometimes I just forget to include it in my life. That's where Modern Oats Nuts & Seeds came in. Great packaging, great for travel and outstanding flavors. I added a banana to it and voila! I had breakfast to eat poolside. 

6. Up Mountain Switchel: When my friend Aly and I had a picnic a few months ago, she brought a selection of beverages from Whole Foods Market for us to share. This was one of them. I love the jar, the concoction and the flavors. It has three basic ingredients: ginger, apple cider vinegar and maple syrup. 

And because I am beyond obsessed with the soft serve, Chloe's is offering a gift certificate to one of YOU!

All you have to do is follow me (@harper_spero) and Chloe's (@chloesfruit) on Instagram,  like THIS post and tag one friend that you want to take a break from the heat with and head to Chloe's for some soft serve fruit. A winner will be announced on July 17th.

Now, tell me what YOUR favorite snacks and treats are this summer so I can try them out!