(So)(Co) Sit Down with Becky Peer

I'm super excited to share this week's (So)(Co) Sit Down with you. Back in 2008 when I was living in Tel Aviv, I went to a BBQ and met Becky Peer. We didn't really connect at all there. After that pretty much every person I met told me I needed to meet this Becky person because she loved music like I did. That's all I knew about her via mutual friends.

Somehow or another we connected after that and the rest is history. She's someone that inspires me everyday as she creates a work/life balance. I've watched her grow within her career as well as a mother, wife and best friend and couldn't be more proud of all that she has accomplished. Plus she's as obsessed with Bon Iver and Arcade Fire as I am which couldn't make me happier. 



How do you spend you days?

On a typical weekday, I spend mornings with Joseph, my 1.5 year old son, afternoons and nights working at Kaltura, and try to find some time for yoga in between. I manage an awesome team of Project Managers working out of various offices in the world, helping large Media customers implement complex online video workflows and customizations. On the weekends I am usually home with my husband Shlomi and Joseph, wandering the streets of Tel Aviv, checking Joseph's patience to see how long he can handle sitting in a cafe or bar with us, and spending time with Shlomi's family.

What are three things you are grateful for?

1. Naps

2. Beer

3. Arcade Fire concerts

Explain you lifestyle in 5 words or less.

Relaxed, fun-oriented, dedicated, family-centric (four!)

If you were to attend a potluck dinner, what would you bring?

Eggplant parm!!! (it's my signature dish)

If you could gift everyone you meet with one book, what would it be and why?

Bossypants by Tina Fey. I have never laughed that hard from a book and would wish that much laughing upon everyone I meet.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Take Joseph out of his crib.

If you could change one thing in your daily routine, what would it be? What would it take for you to make that change?

I would spend more time cooking. Making this change would take giving up time with Joseph or work time. Or sleep! Which are all nos. So for now, I choose an empty fridge.

What does being healthy mean to you?

It means feeling happy about myself.

Have you ever been faced with health concerns that pushed you to change your lifestyle?


What song can immediately change you mood in the best way possible?

At this exact moment in time: Coffee by Sylvan Esso.

What is one piece of advice someone has given you that shifted your way of thinking?

A previous boss and mentor told me that I have good instincts and I should always trust them. Sometimes it's the most obvious things that resonate when they are said by the right person at the right time.

What article of clothing/outfit do you feel most empowered wearing?

My GAP jean shorts, basic tank, and black Nike sneakers. When I'm wearing this, it means, I am chilling and things are good.

Complete this sentence: "In order to be happy, I need to..."

Go easy on myself and enjoy the good things in my life.


I am an original Upper West Sider who now lives in Tel Aviv with my husband and son. I studied Comparative Literature and Music at Washington University in St. Louis and am now managing an international team of Project Managers at Kaltura. I love music, good food and drinks, TV, exploring (especially new cities), and being with people who make me happy.

Photo by Sophie Mathewson