Love of My Life(Style): June, 2015

I like to get my hands on an assortment of beauty and skincare products, apparel, home goods, reading material, foods and more. Check out the Love of my Life(Style) June Edition. 

I would love to know what items you're loving that enhance your life(style) so go ahead and share them with me in the comments section below. 

1. Ace Hotel Bathrobe: When I was in London over New Year's, I fell madly in love with this bathrobe in our hotel. It was so cozy with the hood and pockets. Just loved it immediately. I was happy to learn it's available in all hotel locations and I was able to walk over to the NYC location to snag it. I'm definitely a sucker for good bathrobes.

2. Sante Perfect Definition Mascara: I took about three years off from mascara because my eyes were simply too sensitive for it... all brands included. I decided a few months ago to give a natural product (thanks Whole Foods) a chance because I think mascara makes all the difference with your makeup. A product that didn't irritate my eyes, wasn't clumpy and did the job. Voila!

3. Normal Earbuds: I recently went to a Bent on Learning event at the Normal HQ and learned about custom 3D earbuds. They took iPhone photos of my ears and the next day I had earbuds made custom for my ears. There are no two earholes that are the same so having custom earbuds are brilliant, just brilliant. You even get to choose your color buds as well as get text engraved on the case. You need them, trust me, you do.

4. Alba Hawaiian Oil-Free Moisturizer: When I find products that I love, I basically use them until my body starts rejecting them. My friend recently convinced me that I needed to try this moisturizer. I definitely had my doubts but I am now hooked. It's thick without being over-the-top, smells good and goes on smooth.

5. The Artists Way by Julia Cameron: Over the past few months, I felt like this book was brought up in every conversation I had. I finally pulled it off my parent's book shelf and started reading the opening pages. I immediately, truly immediately started feeling as though I needed to write and was inspired and motivated again thanks to the morning pages. I certainly go through phases of creativity and this guide is helping me stay on track.

6. Purely Elizabeth Original Ancient Grain Granola: I had no idea I liked granola until I tried this and was immediately hooked. It has very few ingredients so no need to question anything hiding in here. All of the flavors are delicious but the original is definitely my favorite. They also have mini bags that are great to-go and for travel.