Summer Balance GIVEAWAY!

As the seasons are changing, it's important to remember to stay balanced in our everyday lives. What does that look like? For many of us, it means having a full work week, rushing out of the city as early as possible on Friday and getting out of the humid, chaotic city for a few days. But how do you remain calm, cool and collected when everyone is doing the same exact thing and congesting the highway? How do you remember to breathe deeply when hundreds of other travelers are squeezing into the bus or train heading in the same direction?

At these times of distress, remind yourself that these situations may be out of your control, but they are temporary, and it's all about how you handle them. The train may be delayed, the person sitting next to you may be eating a garlic and onion filled sandwich, the air conditioning may break, but it's important to stay centered. Panic and anxiety has never actually helped anyone, and it definitely won't make traffic go by faster, or make your neighbors sandwich smell any less. How about taking a breath, and accepting that everything in life is a process.

While planning your summer getaways, think about how you can find balance and seek pleasure in your everyday activities. Consider finding solace in the simplest things that you typically rush through and do unconsciously. You know, like washing your face in the morning with refreshing cold water to awaken your heavy eyelids? Or that first sip of your morning coffee or green juice? What are those easy-to-forget activities in your daily life that you can learn to find more pleasure in?

There are certain things you can do to make even the most essential activity, like breathing, more relaxing.

In celebration of the start of a beautiful summer, I'm teaming up with one of my favorite brands, red flower for a super fun giveaway. I've been buying their lavender candles for pretty much as long as I can remember, and I'm thrilled to share this product (and others!) with you. the packaging is elegant and their scents are soothing, relaxing and fresh. red flower is giving away a petal topped candle, body wash and body lotion in a scent of your choice! 

So, how do you enter the SUMMER BALANCE giveaway?

Between 10am on June 8th and 12pm on June 10th:

1) Follow @harper_spero and @redflowernyc on Instagram

2) Tag two friends who you're looking forward to enjoying spending the summer with. 

Consider the people who motivate, inspire and drive you to be the best version of you! 

The winner will be selected at random on Wednesday afternoon. 



Yuzu Mimosa Wash // French Lavender Candle // Ocean Body Lotion 

If you're not familiar with red flower - check out their website or head down to their store on Prince Street.

red flower - a botanically-based beauty brand located in NYC - was founded on the principles of world traditions, sustainable sourcing and well-being. red flower offers a creative approach to the concept of beauty, something that can not be bottled but is embraced. A ceremony to feel all of the sense. A moment taken to reconnect and restore.