Mother's advice to her New York daughter

Although Mother's Day is a "Hallmark Holiday" (at least that's what my mom has always said), I wanted to gather a handful of fabulous women to share a piece of advice that their mother gave them. Each of these women come from very different backgrounds and cultures but their mother's words simply tie together as 'mother's advice to her New York daughter.'

I am so grateful for my mother and all that she's taught me that I wanted to get a sense of what other women gained from their moms!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there...

We're so grateful for you and all that you do and are.

Enjoy reading about these women and their mother's and feel free to share in the comments a piece of advice your mother has provided you with.

Maribel Henriquez 

Background: Dominican

Piece of Advice From Mom: "Stay positive and have faith that everything will work out the way it's supposed to." It's super cliche but I grew up with the tendency to look at every bump in the road as "the worst thing that's ever happened." My mom would remind me to stay positive, look on the bright side, put the right vibes out into the universe and watch good things happen. Time and time again she was proven right as everything would fall into place. Now I find myself sharing that same advice with others on a recurring basis. It's gotten me through the real tough times, not just my pre-teen angst. 

Nanna Rivers

Background: Born and raised in Wilmington, North Carolina

Piece of Advice From Mom: My mom would tell me "When I gave birth to you, I always knew you'd be special. Whatever you choose to do in life, I just want you to be happy doing it." I'm extremely grateful for this advice because it validates life for me!

Emily Rand

Background: I grew up in Louisburg, Kansas, a small farm community of about 2,000 people. My parents own and operate the local lumber yard and hardware store that my grandparents started in the 60s.

Piece of Advice From Mom: My college boyfriend of 3.5 years and I had just broken up. I was very upset and feeling sorry for myself so I called my mom for some sympathy. I told her what had happened and I'm sure I mentioned how I thought my life was over at the age of 21. My mom listened to my sad story and gave me a piece of advice that was passed to her through the strong women in our family... words I've never forgotten. "Emily, you get 24 hours to be sad, cry and feel sorry for yourself. After the 24 hours are up, you need to get dressed in clothes that make you feel your most confident. You need to fix your hair and put on a fresh face. And then, you need to go do something for someone else. Life is tough and there will be many challenges along the way but this is temporary and you are stronger than this situation." I've always remembered her words and carried them through all the challenges I've encountered. These words have helped me through my travels, boardroom meetings, friendships and basic life "stuff." We are going to all experience set backs and our journey will take detours from what we have planned for our lives but we must remember that everything is temporary. You can have your moment to cry and feel sorry for yourself but you must pick yourself up and spread goodness outwardly. 

Zena HaNna

Zena Hanna.jpg

Backgroud: Syrian and Armenian

Piece of advice from mom: One of the most valuable pieces of advice that my mom taught me was to be independent, and to never rely on other people to achieve the goals I wanted in life. 

I ask for help when I need it, of course, but I learned accountability for my actions thanks to her Because of this, I always do my best to lead with honesty and compassion in all that I do. She was a very strict parent, so lying was never an option, and respect was paramount. 

There are the things that she taught me without words, though, that I believe stuck with me more than anything she could have ever instructed me on. What makes my mom so special is her ability to lead with instinct and understanding. Sure, it wasn't easy for her to do this clearly when she was emotional (we're Middle Eastern after all), but there was never a time in my life that I ever doubted her care or love for me. For that, I am forever grateful.

Sage Caprice Abowitt

Sage Caprice Abowitt.jpeg

Background: American from Arizona

Piece of advice from mom: The best advice I've ever gotten from my mom is to be present. When I was finishing college, unsure of my next steps, my mother reminded me to take my life one step at a time. "By the time you take your second step, Caprice, everything looks different anyway." Her ability to be in and of the moment makes her my first and greatest yoga teacher. It has allowed me the space to challenge myself without fear of failure. The knowledge that we can build our lives beautifully by living them moment to moment is very freeing! (Photo is from high school graduation in 2005, I'm not that young...)