(So)(Co) Sit Down with Claudia Shaum

The way in which you live your life is truly authentic to you and makes you unique. How you approach each day, what values you hold true and what makes you happy are all factors in your daily lifestyle. As a lifestyle management coach, I wanted to open up the dialogue about how a group of incredibly inspiring women that I’m connected to manage their daily lives. This includes their career, health, well-being, relationships/friendships and overall happiness.

Each of these women have come into my life in very different ways and for many different purposes. They have different backgrounds ranging from the beauty biz (my past life), digital media (my other past life), health/wellness/fitness experts, fellow coaches, media influencers and more! They are phenomenal women from whom  I’m so excited to get some bits of insight into their everyday lives and share it with you via my (So)(Co) Sit Down Series.

Join me on this journey of sharing stories and inspiring one another to be the best version of ourselves in our everyday lives.

I immediately knew who I wanted to launch this series with - one of my mentors from the past ten years. I met Claudia Shaum when I was 20 years old and was an intern in the public relations department at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. She immediately took me under her wing, and years later when she transitioned into a new job at Avon, she brought me along for the ride there. She always had me top of mind for the next best opportunity. Claudia is extremely sarcastic, funny and quirky. No wonder we get along so well, right? Considering she's always held positions that were extremely high-pressure, fast-paced and stressful, she's managed to pull it off well with a smile on her face.

So, let's get to it. Here are Claudia's answers to the (So)(Co) Sit Down, enjoy!

How do you spend your days?

Right now I’m living in Connecticut and working in NYC, so I get up at the ass-crack of dawn (pardon my French), try to exercise, do my morning chores and get on a train at 6:50am.  My daughter gets up at 6:15am, so I usually get to see her a little bit before I head out, which is great, but my son is still asleep most days when I leave so I just go into his room and give him a kiss.  Then, I get to work and worry a lot about my to-do list which seems to get longer and longer. Then I get to go home and spend the evening with my husband and my kids and our Doodle, Newman. Ahhhh.

What are three things you are grateful for?

My Kids, My Health, Nature

Explain your lifestyle in 5 words or less.

Stressed out working mom.

If you were to attend a potluck dinner, what would you bring?

My signature guacamole.  I’d probably eat it all before I got to the party, though.

If you could gift everyone you meet with one book, what would it be and why?

The Empty Pot by Demi. It’s a children's book but I love the message.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

You mean after the snooze button? Drink 8 ounces of water.

If you could change one thing in your daily routine, what would it be? What would it take for you to make that change?

I would find more time for myself.  I’m not sure what it would take.  Harper, can you help me?

What does being healthy mean to you?

It means everything.

 Have you ever been faced with health concerns that pushed you to change your lifestyle? 

Happily, I haven’t – but I’ve seen it happen to friends.

What song can immediately change your mood in the best way possible?

Right now it’s the Bass and Treble song.   I’m all about da bass, ‘bout da bass.

What is one piece of advice someone has given you that shifted your way of thinking?

My friend Lori Bein once said to me “Nobody can make you do anything, unless they have a gun.”  We all tend to feel that we are forced to do things by others – parents, bosses, spouses. But at the end of the day, it’s our choice and we need to remember that.

What article of clothing/outfit do you feel most empowered wearing?

Heels. Of any kind. Jewelry, helps too.  If you have some.

Complete this sentence: “In order to be happy, I need to….”

….go to therapy to find out how to finish this sentence!

 What do you have going on in your life that you’d like to share?

I’m going on vacation with my family to an island where it wont be ZERO degrees like it has been in the Northeast the past few weeks.


Claudia Shaum is a PR and Marketing Communications Executive with over 20 years’ experience in the consumer products and lifestyle categories.  Much of her career was spent in the Beauty industry where she held positions at Clinique, Bobbi Brown and Avon.  In her current role, she heads Public Relations and Communications at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.  Claudia is a graduate of Yale University, and lives in Westport, CT  with her husband, 2 adorable children and the most wonderful dog on earth.