(So)(Co) Sit Down with Matthew Robbins

I'm excited to share this week's (So)(Co) Sit Down with you! I met Matthew several years ago when I was working as the digital director at a beauty PR firm. Matthew was one of our clients and we sat down to discuss digital and how he could use it most effectively for his business. He had not yet joined Instagram and I immediately knew it was the perfect platform for him. Since then, it's been amazing to follow his work, travels and design discoveries on Instagram over the past few years. 

Matthew is incredibly kind-hearted and has a true eye for design. If you're not following him on Instagram, get on it here.


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How do you spend your days?  

I spend most of my time dreaming up new ideas for the events my company designs and produces. It’s a daily struggle to balance creative time with business time but it’s a challenge I enjoy as a designer and an entrepreneur.

What are three things you are grateful for?

Love, health and the ability to travel.

Explain your lifestyle in 5 words or less.

Looking and learning with gratitude.  

If you were to attend a potluck dinner, what would you bring?

My favorite homemade olive oil cake.

If you could gift everyone you meet with one book, what would it be and why?

Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss. This is a beautiful book that pushed me to look more carefully at the relationships in my life. It’s a great reminder to learn from everyone that comes in and out of your life.  

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

I wake up and drink a big glass of water. My new focus is working on spending some time to say “thank you” to the universe for everything in my life. This list starts with everything from my home, my eyes, hands, legs, the city, etc. I go through everything I can possibly list to be grateful for. It opens up my day for so much more happiness and positive experiences. It’s a struggle to stay positive when we are all faced with so many challenges but I’m working on it.

If you could change one thing in your daily routine, what would it be? What would it take for you to make that change?

I would like to avoid my phone or computer before I’m dressed and ready for the day. I constantly allow myself to get sucked into the madness of email, texts and social media before I’m even ready for the day. I’m working on this and hopefully it’s getting better! I think it just takes more commitment on my side and learning to allow space in my life that isn’t all about work.

What does being healthy mean to you?

Feeling good on the inside and outside. If I can have a positive mind and outlook on life, it makes eating well and taking care of myself so easy.

Have you ever been faced with health concerns that pushed you to change your lifestyle? Explain.

Yes, many years ago I was feeling really sluggish and generally just not good. I allowed myself to just eat, drink and function without being aware of the details. I felt out of control and on autopilot.  I decided to do something about it. My decision was to go 100% vegan and raw. I went on a massive year long cleanse and ate vegan and raw for an entire year. The discipline and focus this required really gave me the perspective and order I needed to get back in touch with my body, my life and my future. I needed to remove basically everything from my normal routine and diet in order to understand what was bad for me and what made me feel great, whole and focused.

What song can immediately change your mood in the best way possible?

This is a little embarrassing but Fantasy or Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey are both songs that instantly lift my spirit and make me smile.

What is one piece of advice someone has given you that shifted your way of thinking?

One of the greatest things I have learned (recently) is to look at what your enemies say about you as a way to reveal what might actually need to shift in your life. It’s easy to run from things we don’t want to hear but I have learned to look at these criticisms or remarks as a way to grow. They are often inflated half-truths but they come from a place that is based in some element of truth or experience. If you listen closely and examine these things as a way to learn and change it can really transform your life and perspective. It’s not easy but it works.  

What article of clothing/outfit do you feel most empowered wearing?

I feel perfect when I’m wearing a black or blue cashmere sweater and dark jeans. It’s sort of the perfect outfit, as it looks great with a jacket and black fall boots to dress it up or a pair of loafers and no socks to look elegant and effortless.

Complete this sentence: “In order to be happy, I need to….”

Stay grateful and open to change.

What do you have going on in your life that you’d like to share with the (So)(Co) Community? (business, upcoming event, book launch, new product etc.)?

I’m slowly but surely working on my next book and a line of textiles and home décor from South America. I recently launched a new event design business in Cartagena with my partner Luis Otoya. I’m heading to China soon to teach design for a week. I’m very excited to be invited to Japan next year to design and teach with a great group of people from Tokyo.

Matthew Robbins runs the New York–based events design and planning firm Matthew Robbins Design. His firm designs and plans events all over the globe. Matthew is a contributing editor for Martha Stewart Weddings and Flower Magazine. He regularly contributes to InStyle, New York WeddingsO Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, Sweet Paul Magazine and Martha Stewart Living.  He’s a contributor to many online publications such as Huffington Post, Style Me Pretty and StyleList. He also contributes regularly to the Martha Stewart Weddings blog and is a regularly featured guest on both the Martha Stewart Show and Martha Stewart Living Radio. Matthew recently joined Sweet Paul Magazine as their special weddings editor for the launch of the Sweet Paul Magazine Weddings issue. His first line of tabletop designs debuted in 2013 with a collection of unique vases in collaboration with Teroforma. His first book, Matthew Robbins’ Inspired Weddings was published in 2012 by Stewart, Tabori & Chang. 

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