How am I going to survive?

Currently listening to the 30th birthday playlist that my dad made for me last week. Throwback to the 80s and 90s included. 

So, that blizzard that everyone in NYC was freaking out about. Yeah, that didn't happen. Okay it happened but it didn't affect NYC nearly as much as anticipated. I know Long Island and Connecticut got hit hard and it’s still snowing there, but it was a bit of a joke here in the city.

 The media was making it seem like we should be preparing for Sandy. The lines at Whole Foods Market and all other grocery stores were out of control. I went to buy a flashlight at Home Depot and found out there was a shooting hours prior so they were closed. I ended up at Westside Market trying to think of what I would want to eat should the electricity go out. I bought a bunch of random things and was intrigued by the number of people buying ice cream. If the power went out, wouldn't that be the first thing to melt? Or is that just you making an excuse for why you have to eat the whole thing in one sitting?

As New Yorkers, we have very different lifestyle patterns than pretty much everywhere else in the world. Nobody relies on food delivery to the extent that we do. Many cities barely have platforms like Seamless that are so widely used with so many options. In Mayor De Blasio’s press conference yesterday somebody asked about food delivery and he responded. “A food delivery bicycle is not an emergency vehicle.” The mayor added that the city’s streets should be free of anything that “has to do with leisure or convenience or takeout food or going to movies. We’re not doing that. As of 11pm, get out of the way so that we can make this city safe.”

 Immediately, social media went crazy. How am I going to survive without Seamless? What am I supposed to eat? Can I pay an additional service charge for delivery?

 As New Yorkers we are certainly lucky, a bit jaded and definitely get comfortable with the conveniences that this city has to offer. There’s the, I can do anything or buy anything that I need at any hour mindset (which is legit 99.9% of the time). I remember going to college in Boston and being devastated that no diners existed and public transportation closed at 1am. How can you do that to us, city? I grew up in a city where everything was 24/7, why as I get older and have more freedom are you taking it away from me?

 It’s important to appreciate all that New York City has to offer. 24/7 even in the (not so real) blizzard, Duane Reade (that saved my morning today!) Appreciate that we have a city that comes together to help one another out in challenging times. We can create a sense of community even amongst the more than 1.6 million people in Manhattan alone. We can also learn how to buy things at the grocery store and make ourselves dinner and it doesn't have to be gourmet.  Take care of yourself and help others along the way. Do what you can to prevent yourself from bitchin’ about things that tend to be conveniences because we’re lucky to have them in the first place.

Below was one of my favorite Facebook posts over the past 48 hours.