Harper Spero

              Harper Spero

I don’t wait for life to define me. I create meaning with every moment - seeing and seizing potential where others don’t. 

I had eight jobs in the first ten years of my career because I wasn’t willing to settle; I wasn’t willing to lose an opportunity to seek improvement for myself.

I’m a certified professional coach (CPC) and a graduate of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC).

The intersection of work and play has always intrigued me and has led me to find unique ways to merge my hobbies and interests with my career. From music to beauty, social good to health and wellness, I have spent the past ten years leveraging brands through marketing, public relations, event production, and digital media. I’ve worked for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Avon, and Buddy Media (acquired by Salesforce), and with clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Disney, Ann Taylor, Coty Beauty, dr. brandt skincare, and David Kirsch to help raise awareness, drive sales, and increase product visibility.

In 2012 I underwent a life-altering surgery. A wake-up call for mind and body, it was during that time that I realized...

I could no longer ignore the rare immune deficiency I was diagnosed with at 11-years old. So I started owning my experiences.

I started taking control of my health and lifestyle by becoming more conscious of the food I eat, regularly practicing yoga and Transcendental Meditation (TM), and simply listening to my body and what it needs.

After this time of crisis, I made the move from a toxic work environment to an event production and brand strategy firm that works specifically with mission-driven organizations and brands. As managing director at Agent of Change, I turned ideas into action through digital and live event platforms for the company's clients such as the David Lynch Foundation, Headstrong Project, Team Rubicon, Bent on Learning, and Lower Eastside Girls Club, among others.

With renewed commitments to my own happiness and well-being, I made personal and professional fulfillment my top priority. Certain that business coaching would provide all of this, I started owning (and living) the reality I had always wanted: running my own business as a coach.

My innate ability to inspire, motivate, and drive people in the direction of their dreams has made this transition a smooth one, and as my friends say - "Harper is finally getting paid for what she’s been doing naturally and so well for her entire life!"

When I’m not working with clients, I can be found taking in live music (anywhere but Terminal 5), discovering new restaurants that accommodate my selective eating habits, and wandering through the grid of my native Manhattan. I’m obsessed with all things ginger, the smell of lavender, and lull of life in a hammock.

I attended Northeastern University for three years before transferring to Marymount Manhattan College where I graduated with a degree in communication studies in 2008. I am on the board of advisors of Vibe Israel, leading the young leadership committee in New York City. 


Harper Spero is a New York City-based business coach who has found a way to successfully integrate passion with purpose. She inspires, motivates and drives people in the direction of their entrepreneurial dreams, helping them become the best version of themselves.

Harper specializes in helping aspiring and current entrepreneurs and solopreneurs create tactical plans for growth, and navigate their careers to bring balance, fulfillment and structure to their lives and businesses. Using a mix of customized tools and hands-on techniques in her one-on-one coaching programs, Harper coaches clients to get out of their comfort zones and to do the things that light them up, creating freedom, success and joy. Her clients become better communicators and confident risk takers who are unafraid to bring their ideas to life.

Harper’s dedication and love for business coaching stems from her own personal journey through health scares, career transitions, and self-discovery, which led her to receive her coaching certification from the Institute from Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). Prior to coaching, Harper spent ten years leveraging brands through marketing, public relations, event production and digital media. Her previous clients include corporate heavyweights such as Johnson & Johnson, Disney, Ann Taylor as well as leading nonprofits such as the David Lynch Foundation, Lower Eastside Girls Club, Team Rubicon, Headstrong Project and Bent on Learning.

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I AM A Go-getter, DO-ER, make-it-happener!

  • I believe anything is possible if you allow it to be

  • My greatest satisfaction comes from seeing you succeed

I inform and inspire with head and heart.

  • I bring unique insights and experience to every client

  • I believe that really changing takes really caring

I aM constantly connecting all of the dots.

  • I look for the patterns and possibilities that make a difference

  • I look for ways to build meaningful relationships

I believe that creating A BETTER world starts with creating THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.

Harper is intuitive, strong, and patient. These are an incredible combination of traits to have when coaching clients who don’t know what they want or how to even begin getting it.

She’s no stranger to transformation of living your dream, which makes her totally empathetic to the transition process.

One of the smartest things I did in my career was to work with her!
— Miriam Butterman